Copy Settings And Apps From One Mac To Another


Jun 24, 2020  When you try to copy the Keychain file to its new location on your new Mac or system, the copy might fail with a warning that one or more Keychain files are in use. This can happen if you have already used your new Mac or system, and in the process, it created its own Keychain files. No matter which solution you use, it is recommended to go for professional software. EaseUS Todo PCTrans helps transfer your data, applications, and account settings from one PC to another with simple clicks. For just transferring one file or one program, the free version - EaseUS. Apr 24, 2020  On your old Mac: If you started your old Mac in target disk mode or are migrating from a Time Machine backup, skip these four steps. Open Migration Assistant. Click Continue. When asked how you want to transfer your information, select the option to transfer to another Mac. Click Continue. On your new Mac. Apr 11, 2018  Target Disk Mode allows you to access the whole hard disk of one Mac from another Mac, allowing you to copy files to and from the target device. Using all the lanes of the Thunderbolt wire, you get the fastest speeds and this method is highly recommended. Aug 26, 2019  Transfer Apps From One Android Phone To Another Method 1: SHAREit. This method is really easy to follow, and it takes only a few minutes to share the apps. You just need to have both of your smartphones with you, as to transfer the apps from one phone to another.

Jun 10, 2016  I understand that you wish to transfer files (apps and settings) from one user account to another. Follow the steps and check. Press Windows + X keys on the keyboard, select Control Panel. Select System and Security and then System. Click Advanced System Settings. Under User Profiles, click Settings. Select the profile you want to copy. Some apps maintain their preferences in an easily accessible configuration text files which can be copied over. The previous approach may still involve a lot of work and may not be desirable. A simpler approach would be using macOS Migration Assistant. This feature lets you easily transfer settings, apps and data from one Mac to another.


Welcome to Mac Help, our new column focused on helping you, the reader, with troubles you're having on your Mac. This installment's question comes from Doug Larsen, who needs help sharing files between his and his wife's user accounts on their family Mac.

Dough writes:

My wife and I sometimes want to share files with each other. A year ago we got our first Mac but before that we were both longtime Windows users. In fact neither of us had even touched a Mac before that so everything about OSX is new to us.

I setup different user accounts for us and for the life of me I can't find an easy way to share files. With Windows you have the Public folders where files are easily shared but on the Mac there doesn't seem to be anything like it. I always have to find some clunky workaround to share a file with my wife who is using the very same machine.

There is an equivalent to the Public folders feature in Windows, but it's pretty well hidden. For whatever reason, Apple doesn't make it very easy to use. Fortunately it's not difficult to set up.

Copy Settings And Apps From One Mac To Another Computer

First of all, setting up different user accounts on the same Mac is a great way to keep things organized, and I wish more people would do it. You share the same applications and system files, but your individual settings and your documents are completely different. It's an efficient and productive way to let more than one person use the same Mac. So kudos, Doug, on doing the right thing.

If you check your /Users directory, you should see a folder called 'Shared.' That folder is dedicated to shared files that can be managed between different user accounts. A few of the applications I've installed use it so they can run without any trouble regardless of which user account is active, but you can use it for whatever you wish.

To access the Shared folder, simply open the Finder and select the Go menu, then select Go to folder.. (or type command-shift-G). Then type /Users and hit return.

You should be staring at the list of user folders on your Mac, with a Shared folder there as well. If you'd like to make it easier to access, simply drag that Shared folder into the Favorites sidebar on the left of your Finder window, or (as I pointed out in last week's column), command-drag it to the Finder toolbar if you'd prefer to have it on the top.

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Either way you'll be able to access the Shared folder instantly, so you and your wife can both have access to common files you need. Whoever created the file will retain ownership of it, so the second person will need to make a copy of it and edit the copy.

Another way to do it is to use a third-party sync tool like Dropbox, but that requires you to upload and download the file using the Internet. This way the file stays local only on your Mac, which could be an important consideration if security (or bandwidth conservation) is paramount.

Copy Settings And Apps From One Mac To Another Mac

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Copy Settings And Apps From One Mac To Another Iphone

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Copy Settings From One Mac To Another

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