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Runs on: Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5 Total CSV Converter v.4.0 Total CSV Converter is a reliable tool to convert CSV to JSON, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, DBF, XML in batch.

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Need help with converting your VCF files into CSV formats? Then VCF to CSV converter is your destination kit that can help you accomplish your need of converting all VCF files into CSVs along with multiple configuration options. Most of the VCF to CSV converter software come with highly easy to use interface and can do a file conversion for you within seconds.

There is a huge line of functional VCF to CSV converter software available online that you can easily download and enjoy quick file conversions easily. Below we are sharing with you a few top VCF to CSV converter that you can try.

vCard VCF To CSV Converter Software

vCard VCF to CSV converter tool gives you an efficient way to convert your VCF files into CSVs quickly and easily. This efficient tool allows you to simply drag and drop your VCF files to the software and then start the conversion process by clicking a single button. It offers features to extract only addresses, names, numbers or emails. You just need to save the file format to CSV so that all the contacts can be imported to Gmail.

Free VCF file to CSV converter

Free Software Open Csv Files

This is a VBA script based in Excel that helps to import bulk .VCF files containing more than 1 vCard and then convert all of them to valid .CSV files separated by comma. All. The converted files can be used to import through Google, Outlook or any other application program supporting csv file importing. This VCF to CSV converter program automatically deletes the duplicate contacts and also supports multiple contacts in a single VCF files.

Contact Converter

Contact Converter is an ideal VCF to CVS converter program that lets you convert unlimited number of contacts to CSV and import then to Gmail, Outlook or any other email platform. This software also lets you merge your contact files belonging to multiple sources into a single file. And all these facilities are available to you with Contact Converter for free.

Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF

This is an amazing solution for your VCF to CSV conversions. It is an easy to use and powerful converter supported by Windows XP, vista and Windows 7. It can covert VCF to Excel/CSV as well as Excel/CSV to VCF. Opal-convert supports various versions of MS Outlook along with multiple online services like Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail and Live.com. Download this software for fast and efficient conversions.

vCard Converter Tool

This is a great solution to convert VCF to CSV, Outlook and Excel effortlessly. This VCF to CSV conversion software lets you convert single as well as multiple files to CSVs while also having the choice of normal or advance conversion modes. Using this tool all of your contacts can be quickly converted without any alterations. To convert files using this software you first will need to install MS Outlook.

What is VCF to CSV Converter?

You might have been in the situation when you need to import your contacts to one another system or online to your email network. The major problem arises when you have to import your contacts as this need to convert VCF files to CSV. Nevertheless, this conversion have been simplified by VCF to CSV converter software available online. All such software convert your VCF files to valid CSVs without any alteration and also allow you to import them to your Gmail, Outlook or any other email program. This offers you a great way to copy your all contact from one system to another which otherwise is a tedious task. There is a wide range of VCF to CSV conversion software programs that offer you quick and easy conversions for free. You can find numerous software for Windows, Android and Mac. So download VCF to CSV converter and convert your files to CSV efficiently.

How to Install VCF to CSV Converter

Whether you want to install VCF to CSV converter for your Windows system, Mac or Android device, you can find detailed download instructions on the manuals of individual software. Download of all types of converter software is quite easy and can be accomplished conveniently with step by step guide available on the manuals. All the installation manuals belonging to different software also let you know about the additional software requirements that your system or device must have in order to complete the installation process. Different operating systems may have different scenario for the installation process. Hence it is important for you to thoroughly go through the instructions before starting installation.

Benefits of Using VCF to CSV Converter

Quick Conversion – A VCF to CSV converter lets you convert your VCF file into CSV quickly just in seconds.
Easy Import – These conversion software also allow you to import all your converted CSV files to your Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or even more email networks quite conveniently.

Multiple Conversions – Some of the VCF to CSV converters allow you to even convert your multiple VCF files into CSVs simultaneously for with the same efficiency thus making your transfer process easy and quick.

Irregularities Fixation – This is another benefit offered by some of the VCF to CSV converter program. Some irregularities like duplicate contact or conflicted contacts are completely fixed by the software leaving properly fixed and filtered contacts without any flaws.

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With these major features some of the software also come with addition features like different usability modes, support to USBs etc. So try out these amazing CSV converter software and make your task easier.

vCard Wizard – Top Free VCF to CSV Converter Software for Windows

This is one of the best powerful VCF to CSV converter freeware available for windows. This amazing software lets you easily convert multiple VCFs to CSVs and then import them to your email. Using vCard Wizard you can easily transfer your contacts from multiple sources like Google contacts, MS Outlook contact, iCloud contacts, Gmail contacts and many more. This solution can work on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.

vCard Wizard

Csv software, free download For Mac

Export Contacts & Data in CSV – Top Free VCF to CSV Converter for Android

Export Contacts & Data in CSV is a powerful free VCF to CSV converter Android app that helps you in converting and exporting your contacts to your SD card. This app not only exports names and phone numbers of contact but even exports all other information associated like work, city, street etc. for enhanced ease and convenience.

Export Contacts & Data in CSV

ContactsMate 3 – Amazing VCF to CSV Conversion Solution for Mac

ContactsMate 3 is an amazing VCF to CSV converter for Mac that helps you manage, convert and export all your Mac OS contacts to CSVs for easy backup and sync. It also helps you in fixing contact conflicts and duplicate with its beautiful and easy to use interface. This software is available for Mac systems with free trial.

ContactsMate 3

More Free VCF to CSV Converter for Windows, Android and Mac

There is a wide range of VCF to CSV converter software programs available online developed to be used for Windows, Android and Macs. For Windows “vCard to Outlook Transfer” and “VCard Converter for Microsoft Outlook” are popular conversion software. For Android you can also make use of “OI Convert CSV” for importing your contacts to SD card. Also for Mac “CSV Converter” is another popular software that can be utilized for VCF to CSV conversion needs.

Csv software, free download For Mac Windows 7

Opal-Convert VCF to CSV to VCF (vCard) – Most Popular VCF to CSV Converter for 2016

Free Csv Software

Opal-ConvertVCF to CSV to VCF is the most popular VCF to CSV converter tool for 2016 which is available for download for free. Upon conversion this software lets you have the feedback whether the conversion has been accomplished as per your needs or not. It also lets you convert multiple files quickly at once.

Csv Program Free Download

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