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A review was done on different multi-video player software as well as a multi-screen video player and multi-video player download versions of software which are available. These software were ranked on the type of files they could open. Some could only work with Basic Video Formats while others could open Advanced Video Formats. Here are the best multi video players available.

Flip Player for Mac lets you play any files that QuickTime supports on your Mac without the need to convert them through a separate program. With just a few clicks, you can be enjoying videos that. Updated 21 Best Free and Paid MP4 Video Player Software for Windows and Mac. Almost everyone likes to watch videos on computer. Although there is a native MP4 Player on computers, it is not enough for you. As a result, you like to download a third-party MP4 Player with more powerful functions to.

MXPlayer: Best MKV Video Player for Mac MXPlayer is a pro like a free ( Spent just $1.99 ) tool for Mac, compatible with most of the OS X version (10.6 or later). Pro tools come up with all the features like Support most of the all file format, Stream video from online video channel, Simple connect, play, and Stream to your device or home theater.


VLC media player

Video Software For Mac

This software is open source and it is free. It is also a cross-platform multimedia player. It plays Audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs as well as other streaming protocols. There are different multimedia related projects hosted by this company and the most famous of which is VLC.

Total Video Player


This multi-video player software is available for free download and it has audio as well as video codecs which are built in. It supports both Basic Video Formats, as well as Advanced Video Formats and the videos, can be played in full screen or the video can be resized to different windows. This is also easy to use.

ALL Player

This software is a free video player and it supports subtitles as well as torrent streaming. It plays all types of videos as well as audio files and using it one can access the internet radio for free. Subtitle reading using speech synthesizers are also possible as well as parental control on video files.

Free webcam software mac

Valt Multi Video Player for Windows

This software is free and records multiple camera angles simultaneously. There is an integrated player where these multi-camera recordings can be played back in synchronized form. It is a multi-video player downloadable software and it is available on cross platforms. It even supports digital zooming on a specific part of a video and it is compatible with MP4 video files.

GPlayer for Android

This video player is free and it supports the Google chromecast dongle. It is a multi-screen video player and the user can make their own theme. It has a 3d gallery mode and videos can be played with simple gestures. Widgets can also be used to play the videos.

Elmedia Player for Mac

This is an audio and video player available free of cost and it plays different and almost all types of files. It does not require additional plugins or codecs. This does not require the user to use apps to convert the files but can just download this app and play whatever content they require.

Most Popular Software for 2016 – Awesome Video Player

This is a multi-screen video player is the most popular of all the video players. There are several reasons why. The user can see up to 16 different videos simultaneously. It has UI which controls how much space each video should use. Different videos can be saved in playlists too. Dragging and dropping of media files is possible as well as opening and arranging videos. You can also see Multi Track Recording Software

Video Player For Mac Free

What are Multi Video Players?

These multi-video player software play video and audio files of different formats. Some of these allow for dragging and dropping different media files. There are multi-screen video players which arrange and open these videos and then favorite videos can be saved in playlists so that immediately they can be reloaded whenever needed.

Free Video Player Software For Mac Os

These multi-video player download versions also help in prioritizing as well as decoding the hardware using the graphics card and some do not need additional plugins or codecs to play Basic Video Formats or even Advanced Video Formats. There are keyboard shortcuts which are available and there is CPU assisted decoding of videos which is available as well. This is also available with graphics cards for accelerated video decoding. These software allow sharing with friends without special configurations being done and personalizing the list as per privacy or favorites. Users can even customize and make their own themes.

Free Video Software For Mac

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