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As 9to5Mac first reported back in April, Apple is working on a Tag device – similar to the Tile tracker – that can be attached to any object such as keys or a backpack and tracked in the new Find My app. We now have more to share about both Apple’s item tracker as well as the company’s so-called Apple Glasses project.

Oct 09, 2019. Apple Glasses. Foldable iPhone. Which you can generally do by updating through the Mac App Store for ‌Mac App Store. ‌macOS Catalina‌ also shows a stop symbol over the icon of.

According to people familiar with its development and confirmed in screenshots shared by MacRumors, there will be a new “Items” tab in the Find My app which shows a user’s items, just like there are tabs for people and devices.

  1. Sep 03, 2019  We now have more to share about both Apple’s item tracker as well as the company’s so-called Apple Glasses project. There will be a new “Items” tab in the Find My app. An icon found.
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  3. There'll be a Stop icon in your menu bar and that will. Save yourself the bother and wait for the forthcoming Apple TV Mac app instead. Evutec brings its version of smart audio glasses to.
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  5. Jan 04, 2020  You'll see a little icon jump over to the sidebar or the sidebar button. Click the reading list tab. It looks like a pair of glasses. Click the item you'd like to look at. How to remove items from your reading list. Once you're finished with a reading list item, you can remove it so that you don't have to sift through web pages you've.
  6. Mar 11, 2020  There are two ways to access AirPlay controls. The first way is from Control Center, which lets you access AirPlay Mirroring options and choose audio outputs for AirPlay in the music controls. AirPlay can also be used from within apps that support it. In those apps, the AirPlay icon will appear when it's available (a triangle pushing into the bottom of a rectangle or three concentric rings.

Users can put their tags in lost mode. When a tag is in lost mode and the system detects it being carried by another person who owns an Apple product, their device will alert the person about the item, optionally showing a message from the owner and directing the person to contact them. This is using the new offline tracking feature Apple introduced at this year’s WWDC, which uses nearby Apple devices to privately send location data about a user’s devices to the cloud.

These tags will pack a lot of technology in a very small package consisting of a white circular tag with an Apple logo. They include Bluetooth LE, NFC, a speaker to help with being located, and run a trimmed-down version of iOS. Pairing with a user’s iCloud account will be done by proximity, just like AirPods. NFC can be used when a tag is located so that a user can scan the tag by tapping it with their phone to get information and help contact the owner.

UPDATE 9/9: The Apple Tag device will also integrate the UWB technology mentioned on the latest Kuo report, which is internally called “Rose”.

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Apple is also working on integrating an AR mode that will allow users to search for one of their tags in 3D. A balloon will be shown to direct the user to where their tag is.

“Apple Glasses”

Engineers have also been developing support for stereo AR in iOS – as reported by 9to5Mac back in April – but the project may not be the “Apple Glasses” everyone has been talking about. It consists of support for a face-mounted AR experience, which can be compared to Google’s Daydream, and has been in internal testing with support for two Apple devices (codenamed Luck and Franc) and a third-party device, HoloKit.

Stereo AR apps on iPhone work similar to CarPlay, with support for stereo AR declared in the app’s manifest. These apps can run in either “held mode”, which is basically normal AR mode, or “worn mode”, which is when used with one of these external devices. A new system shell – called StarBoard – hosts extensions that support the new AR mode, similar to how WatchKit apps worked in the original Watch.

On the new iPhones to be announced next week, the back super wide angle camera is used to enhance the quality of the AR tracking. There’s also support for stereo AR implemented for some system components such as Maps, the Find My app and AR QuickLook that’s available for web content.

With recent reports that the AR headset project was canceled, it’s unclear when (or if) Apple is going to announce something about this, but the company has definitely been working on stereo AR support for gaming and other applications, which is at quite an advanced state as of iOS 13.

An icon found in one of the software packages used to test Apple’s stereo AR experience. It likely depicts a HoloKit device and its filename mentions “mock”.

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Hi, guys!
Recently, I have been doing some icons in order to make my dock look exactly how I want..
But I‘m having trouble. Whenever I copy and paste my .png image, it just shows up the standard pictrue for .png files (sometimes just in preview, sometimes in the “small icon” at the top). This happens even when I use the same icon but as .icns. The issue is shown on the image down below. The funny thing is, I’ve tried using icons made by others, and they seen to work fine..
Another thing, I wanna change the icons for system programs (such as finder and launchpad). I know where the icons are located, but I can only seen to take things out, but nothing in, that means, I can make a copy of the icons in case anything goes wrong, but I can’t put the new icons inside. I‘ve already disabled SIP a while ago (by using the command csrutil disable in recovery mode, or whatever mode it is), but I still can’t change the icons. By the way, I am using Mac OS Big Sur, so Liteicon ain’t an option (unfortunately).

Any help to these questions will be appreciated..