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May 17, 2018  Shut down the virtual machine by select Actions (from Mac menu bar) - Shit down and open the configuration window, select Options - Sharing - Share Mac - Configure and uncheck 'Desktop' which will separate the Mac and Windows Desktop icons. Aug 19, 2016  This Mac App Lets You Hide Every­thing on Your Desk­top in One Click. George Tinari 19 Aug 2016. You don’t have to have the app hide your desktop icons if you don’t want to. If you are wanting to hide the “Macintosh HD” icon you see on the Desktop, go to Finder Preferences General, and under “Show these items on the desktop,” un-tick “Hard disks.” You may also be interested in the recent Rocket Yard article, Managing The Desktop: Tips for New Mac Users and Old Hands – there’s some info in there. May 15, 2014  OS X owners who are comfortable with the terminal app can use the following command to hide all icons on the desktop without deleting or moving the files stored in the desktop.

If you have a cluttered Desktop, you may want to occasionally hide the icons. You can do this with third-party apps or Terminal commands. You can also write a very simple shell script in Automator and save it as an app. Then you can toggle the Desktop on or off with a simple click in the Dock.

Check out Hide Desktop Icons With an Automator App at YouTube for closed captioning and more options.

Click on the File and select Add to Library. Connect your iPad with the computer and Launch the iTunes from mission control. Copy from mac to ipad software. Select the songs that you want to transfer to your Mac and click on Open.3. The next step is not for those users who have already transferred all music to the iTunes library.2. First of all, you will have to add music to the iTunes Library on your Mac.


Hide One Desktop Icon

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Mac Hide Desktop Icons App Download

Show Icons On Desktop Mac

Here is the code used in the Automator shell script: