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Download, open and drag the app to the Applications folder. Hold command (⌘) then drag to move the status bar icons. Move the icons you want to hide on the left of both Dozer icons. Left-click one of the Dozer icons to hide/show the status bar icons. Right-click one of the Dozer icons. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store, and launched it, all you have to do is click on the menu bar icon for HiddenMe, and then click on ‘Hide Desktop Icons.’ That’s it, your desktop icons will now be hidden. To unhide desktop icons later, you can simply click on the HiddenMe icon in the menu bar, and click on ‘Unhide. ‎Let your desktop breathe! Hide your desktop icons with a single click! Upgrade to Pro edition to unlock multi-displays support! As seen: 'HiddenMe Hides all Your Mac Desktop Icons in One Click' - Lifehacker 'a button to hide all the clutter with a single click.' - Business Insider. On the contrary, the menu bar on Mac systems is always found at the top of the screen. The menu bar changes according to the application that is selected. The menus and icons in the menu bar can be used for choosing commands, checking the status and performing tasks. Let us take a look at the contents of the menu bar on Mac in the following.

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A menu bar extra exposes app-specific functionality via an icon that appears in the menu bar when your app is running, even when it’s not the frontmost app. Menu bar extras are on the opposite side of the menu bar from your app's menus. The system hides menu bar extras to make room for app menus. Similarly, if there are too many menu bar extras, the system may hide some to avoid crowding app menus.

Use a template image to represent your menu bar extra. A template image discards color information and uses a mask to produce the appearance you see onscreen. Template images automatically adapt to the user’s appearance settings, so they look good on both dark and light menu bars, and when your menu bar extra is selected.

Display a menu—not a popover—when the user clicks your menu bar extra. Unless the app functionality you want to expose is too complex for a menu, you should avoid presenting it in a popover. See Popovers.

Let people decide whether to enable your menu bar extra. Users, not apps, should choose when a menu bar extra is added to the menu bar. Typically, this is done by changing a setting in an app’s preferences window. To ensure discoverability, however, consider giving people the option of enabling the menu bar extra during setup.

Mac Hide Menu Bar Icons App Download

Don’t rely on the presence of menu bar extras. The system hides and shows menu bar extras regularly, and you can’t be sure which other menu bar extras users have chosen to display, or where your menu bar extra will be placed in the menu bar.

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Consider exposing app-specific functionality in other ways too.Best free midi keyboard software. For example, you can provide a Dock menu that appears when the user Control-clicks your app’s Dock icon. The user can hide or choose not to use your menu bar extra, but a Dock menu is aways available when your app is running. See Dock Menus.