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Can I just remove an icon from the dock using terminal.

Select Remove From Dock (If you want to remove a Folder icon, hold down the Control key and then click and hold its icon to see it’s menu.) Add Applications To The Dock. There are a few ways to add Applications to the Dock but this one is the one I use most often. Click on the Finder icon on the Dock to open a Finder window. Oct 03, 2018  On your Mac open System Preferences. Now click on the ‘Dock‘ icon to access its options. Once on the Dock options page, look for the ‘Show recent applications in Dock‘. Uncheck the box next to it. After you have unchecked the box, the recent application icons will disappear from the dock.

I would like to remove the app from the dock as well, Like most uninstallers do.

I usually see them kill the dock


do shell script 'killall Dock'

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But how do I remove the app?


At the moment I added some GUI Scripting but I would perfer not to use GUI scripting, because its a bit flaky.

Sometimes I noticed assistive device's says its on but the script does not always work stating that it is not on.

Mac Os Remove App From Dock

do shell script 'touch /private/var/db/.AccessibilityAPIEnabled' with administrator privileges

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tell application 'XYZ' to quit

delay 0.5 -- adjust if necessary

How To Remove App From Mac Desktop

tell application 'System Events' to tell UI element 'XYZ' of list 1 of process 'Dock'

perform action 'AXShowMenu'

click menu item 'Options' of menu 1

click menu item 'Remove from Dock' of menu 1 of menu item 'Options' of menu 1

Download Mac Os X App

Mac remove app from dock

end tell

end try

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Mac Remove Apps From Dock

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