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Nov 30, 2017  I use Focusmax to control my Moonlite stepper motor electronic focuser - FocusMax uses Maxim DL to acquire its images to focus with. Just recently (after every major Windows 10 update) I have to reinstall Maxim DL5. I considered updating Maxim DL5 to Maxim. Cyanogen Imaging ® MaxIm DL works on Windows XP™, Windows™ Server 2003, Windows Vista™, Windows™ 7, Windows™ 8, Windows™ 8.1 and Windows™ 10. MaxIm DL is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the above operating systems. The following hardware is required: Recommended minimum memory size is 1 GB or larger. Nov 23, 2019  DLS 2002 software allows the user to program, monitor, and operate all DSC panels. The first time that you run DLS 2002, it will ask you to enter a Security Stamp. DLS 2002 uses this 31 character stamp to encrypt all of your accounts. If you wish to share accounts between DLS 2002 installations over a network, all DLS 2002 installations must have the same security stamp. Nov 22, 2018  I have been using it for over 10 years and even though I now run a fully automated imaging system, I still use MaxIm DL for autofocus, plate-solving, image capture, autoguiding and when I am using a one shot colour camera, de-Bayering, all of which it excels at.

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MaxIm DL is an astronomical software created by Cyanogen Imaging for the intended purpose of astronomical imaging. The data processing comes from imaging array detectors such as CCDs. It is available for Windows operating system, however it has been reported correct operation for both imaging and processing.[1]


MaxIm DL is imaging software for Astronomy.[2] Various institutions use this software for astronomical techniques such as photometry.[3][4]


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