Move App Data To Another Os Mac


If you aren't a fan of Evernote's new pricing model, then it might be time to leave Evernote for another note-taking app. Learn how move your Evernote notes to OneNote and OS X Notes. Gopro studio download for mac. Nov 05, 2018  Hi Mike, The AppData folder cannot be safely moved at all. While there are hacks that allow you to move that folder, the next time you receive a large Windows update, your system will brick and it will need to be re-installed - it is not worth the effort.

It's not extensible, however. Perhaps the company is staffed by design fascists. Perhaps Apple wants complete control. Mic mac open source software.

Move App Data To Another Os Mac Version

I have an iMac with SSD and traditional hard drive. Now the SSD are getting full and I want to move stuff to the traditional hard drive since this i much larger. I have already moved iTunes library.
How can I move applications from the SSD drive to the traditional hard drive ? Eg. I have a photoshop application of about 2,5 gb which would be nice to have on the traditional drive rather than SSD since I don´t use it much.
Should I be careful when moving applications or is it safe ?
Thanks a lot for any input.
Nigel Datta