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Too many times, Windows users would like to wipe off their system entirely. From getting rid of any malicious program to resetting the entire system, there are plenty of reasons for using any data eraser software. To help our readers, we have come up with this extensive guide about some of the best eraser software tools out there. Read on and get to know about their pros and cons.

What Erase?

Choose the right version of Super Eraser to permanently erase data on PC, Mac or storage media. It is the ultimate solution for permanently erasing hard drive data, erasing Mac data, erasing files or folders on Windows or Mac. May 26, 2020  Reduce Clutter helps you to identify large files and files you might no longer need. Click the Review Files button, then choose any of the file categories in the sidebar, such as Applications, Documents, Music Creation, or Trash. Download this free iPhone data eraser to wipe existing data and deleted files including photos, videos, contacts, text messages from your iPhone, iPod or iPad, so as to protect your privacy data before selling, recycling or donating your iPhone. EaseUS Mac Undelete is the most reliable Mac undelete software, it automatically scans your hard disk to recover deleted files in a fast and secure way. If the software cannot find your lost files, please try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac to do the 'Deep Recovery' for 100% guarantee data recovery. Apr 01, 2020  Using TeamViewer remote control software, I saw the system was a mess, yet all Mom had done was install the software for Dad's beloved (yet dying) Kodak printer.

AweEraser for Mac is a secure Mac data eraser.It can securely and permanently erase data from hard drive/storage media, permanently delete Mac files, wipe hard drive, and erase already deleted data under Mac OS. It also offers tools to help you batch remove applications on your Mac and clean up browsers histories, caches, privacy, etc. Eraser mac free download. Duplicate-File-Eraser Duplicate File Eraser is a simple program for Linux, Mac OS and Windows which finds and removes dupl.

To make a system brand new, we erase it entirely. Since our computer can have our sensitive data (like passwords, bank detail, social security number and more), it has to be completely wiped without any scope of recovery. While it is easy to manually delete files and folders, it is quite tough to remove system traces, Internet activity and so on. Furthermore, even after manually deleting your data, it can later be recovered. Therefore, to overcome any unforeseen situation like this, experts recommend using eraser software tools.

Top 10 Free Data Eraser Software for Windows

An effective data eraser tool will permanently remove your file without supporting any recovery operation. Additionally, it deletes application traces, Internet activity, system files and more. This makes it easier for users to reset their system in order to sell it, reset it, or wipe a malware presence. Data eraser software can also be used to perform a wide range of other activities as well.

1.Stellar BitRaser for File

Stellar BitRaser for File is a smart and easy way to wipe your system's data entirely without any scope of recovery. Compatible with every leading version of Windows, it can reset your hard drive, retrieve unused space, erase Internet activity and more.


  • Fully compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows server 2012, 2008, 2003
  • Can erase installed applications, system data, Internet activity, and more
  • Wipe all files and folders without any scope of recovery
  • It can schedule file erasing with different settings
  • User-friendly interface with one-click solution
  • Can also set up scheduled deletion


  • Only free trial is available. After completing the trial, users need to buy the software.


Eraser is another popular data eraser software that will provide a quick and hassle-free solution. Besides getting rid of your data permanently, you can also set up scheduled erasing as well to retrieve unused space.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Available in multiple languages
  • One can schedule automatic deletion
  • Provided fast and deep-cleaning solutions


  • It can take a lot of time to reset the entire hard disk
  • The process is not intuitive

3.Privacy Eraser Free

Privacy Eraser Free is a freely available tool that can be used to wipe your hard disk without much trouble. It can also remove certain files, delete online activity, get rid of system tools, and perform various other tasks.


  • It supports multiple users
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can perform a scheduled erasing
  • It has a wide range of features


  • It doesn’t display any prompt before removing crucial files such as data registries.

4. Long Path Eraser Free

Long Path Eraser free is a widely used eraser software can be used to erase Windows files and folders with a pathname or name too long. Sometimes, these files can be missed by an automated tool. In this case, Long Path Eraser free can be used.


  • Basic and easy to use interface
  • Can easily delete files with long names and pathnames
  • Can be used to resolve various issues related to deletion of files


  • It comes with limited features (can’t wipe an entire drive or perform scheduled deletion).

5. Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser has been around for a while, providing a quick and deep-cleaning solution to its users. You can use it to perform a selective deletion of files, system cleaning, registry cleaning, retrieving free space and more.


  • Users can handpick the files they want to delete
  • Can be used to empty unused space and erase registry files
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Fast processing


  • It hasn’t been updated in a while and provides limited support.
  • The tool sometimes hangs in between.

6.Mareew Free Eraser

Mareew Free Eraser is a secure data eraser software that is used for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, ME, and other older versions. It removes mostly all the available file extensions permanently.


  • Provides a secure and quick solution
  • Removes all the major files permanently


  • Available only for older versions of Windows (doesn’t work on Windows 7, 8, or 10)
  • Hasn’t been updated in a while

7. Freeraser

As the name suggests, Freeraser is a freely available data eraser software that can wipe your data from your hard disk or a USB drive. Besides providing all the basic features, it also has a drag and drop solution to permanently remove files quickly.

Jan 23, 2013  Question: Q: Apps icon bouncing on dock, but not starting I have Macbook Pro (Mid 2010) with 256 GB with Agility 3 SSD. Additional 500 GB HDD in the optical drive bay and running Mountain Lion GM (and final version). Apps bouncing in dock macbook pro. The Dock on the Mac desktop is a convenient place to access apps and features (like Siri, Launchpad, and the Trash) that you’re likely to use every day. The Dock can show up to three recently used apps that aren’t already in the Dock and a folder for items you download from the internet. Open items in the Dock. In the Dock on your Mac, do. Oct 28, 2016  How to Stop Dock Apps from Bouncing on a Mac. Does it drive you up the wall when you're on your Mac, trying to watch a video in full screen, and the iTunes icon begins bouncing incessantly to let you know that another new version is.


  • Multiple language support
  • Provides a prompt before deleting important files
  • Fully compatible with all the leading versions of Windows
  • Easy to use


  • Users complain that the tool simply hangs in between

8.CBL Data Shredder

CBL Data Shredder is a free data eraser program. It can help you completely erase your hard drive, or any other intenal and external storage on Windows. CBL Data Shredder has two versions, both of which are useful for different scenarios. It is usually used to erase data from C drive for Windows.


  • You can erase anything on a hard drive
  • Bootable options available
  • Supports to wipe data on any OS
  • It can be running on inside Windows
  • Easy to use with drag and drop feature


  • Before deleting a drive with Windows version, it doesn't make you confirm.

9.Hard Disk Scrubber

Hard Disk Scrubber is an excellent way to manage your data and get free space on your system. This easy to use data eraser software can also overwrite files and free space to manage your data.


  • Easy to use interface with all the basic features
  • Customized settings
  • Fully compatible with all the leading versions of Windows


  • Limited advanced settings
  • Hasn’t been updated in a while

10. WipeFile

If you are still looking for another freely available eraser software, then you can also try WipeFile. It is a freely available tool that has been updated recently. It is a portable program and supports almost every file extension.

An represents the corresponding Canon product is not compatible with that version of. A 1 below represents Canon is not issuing drivers for this product to support the Windows 10 operating system, Windows 7 or Windows 8 drivers should function in the new Windows 10 environment with some limitations which are currently unknown to Canon. Which canon software is compatible with macbook pro. SOFTWARE & DRIVERS. Search for your product to get started. Back × Select your model. GET PERSONALIZED SUPPORT THROUGH YOUR CANON ACCOUNT. Your Canon account is the way to get the most personalized support resources for your products. Already have an account? MORE SUPPORT. Manage your Canon products and keep them up-to-date. RemoteCapture allows users to operate compatible Canon digital cameras remotely via USB or IEEE1394 (firewire) interface. Mac OS X 10.1 and 10.2 come with Image. Canon is currently verifying operations of its software when used with Mac OS X Sierra v10.12, and we are planning on providing compatibility information soon. CP1200 CP910.


  • Easy to use with drag and drop features
  • It can alter log files as well
  • Small size and fast performance
  • Can be included in Windows explorer
  • Supports all the major data files


  • It is a portable program and is only downloaded as an archive (i.e. there is no option to install the program and customize it).

Now when you know about all the leading data eraser software and tools, you can easily pick the one that suits your requirements. Go ahead and use an eraser software like Stellar BitRaser for File and make your system look like brand new.

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