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Download and install the best free apps for Project Management Software on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android from CNET, your trusted source for the top software picks. Jan 16, 2019  Software Updates Management – Distributes patches utilizing Software Distribution and Settings management features. Full Management of Mac Device Life Cycle with SCCM? If you need to have the following management capabilities for Mac devices in your enterprise, then you need to go with full management of Mac Devices with SCCM. Created in 2012 Stage Write Software is a digital solution to document staging and choreography for theatrical productions of all sizes. In use by over 60 Broadway shows and National Tours, including Hamilton and Book of Mormon, and by over 50,000 users. Dec 21, 2019 Check, amend, copy and re-organize the input list and monitor mixes or stage layout. Integrate the plots with other stage management suites for complete environmental control. Download StagePlotPro for Mac from our website for free. This software is developed for Mac OS X 10.5.0 or later.

Sales management is a challenging job—ask any small business sales manager. You’re always on your toes managing a team of sales reps, struggling to hit your quota, training new reps, forecasting sales, preparing reports for your higher-ups, carrying out administrative tasks, and tons more.

With all this on their plates, sales managers spend less than 10% of their time actually coaching and developing their sales people. In other words, sales managers aren’t focusing on activities that should be top priority. One reason for this is that the bulk of their time is taken up by resource management or repetitive administrative tasks.

Sales managers in small businesses that use sales management software are likely to have a more productive sales team with higher win rates. They’re also more likely to move to deal closure and revenue attainment more quickly.

An analysis of more than 151 companies by InsideSales Labs found that, at the end of the month, sales reps try to push deals that are not ready. This behavior results in three times as many deals being closed on the last day of the month but also in 11 times more deals lost on that day compared with the rest of the month.

Sales managers can address these ineffective, month-end behavioral issues by:
  • Coaching and mentoring sales reps so they push the right deals at the right time.
  • Encouraging reps to test different strategic ways of selling.
  • Focusing on weekly forecasting, not monthly quotas.

Sales management software can help sales managers achieve these goals. Software solutions can help train and coach reps, track and monitor sales performance, forecast sales, decide quotas, and more. All these activities will help your business meet the key goal of improving sales.

In this article, we talk about three top-rated apps that are either dedicated sales management tools or that offer sales management functionality. We also discuss what actual users have to say about them and the best type of buyer for each app.

The three top-rated sales management apps for small businesses are:

(Read more about our methodology for choosing these products at the bottom of this article.)

HubSpot Sales: Complete sales toolkit with marketing integration

HubSpot Sales is an inbound marketing and sales platform that offers a sales kit to manage the sales pipeline, deals, contacts, etc.

It allows you to automatically deliver personalized follow-up emails and reminders at a specific date and time. HubSpot Sales leverages machine learning to know when leads are most likely to engage so you can communicate with them at the right time.

The tool notifies you instantly when a prospect opens your email, clicks a link, or opens an attachment. It automatically logs every contact detail, email open, and click. It lets you connect with prospects using the live chat functionality on the website. Route your chat conversations to the right salesperson to close deals faster.

Using predictive lead scoring, prioritize outreach based on a contact’s likelihood to convert into a customer. This helps you save the time otherwise wasted on trying to qualify lower-quality leads.

Integrating HubSpot Sales with the free HubSpot CRM solution lets you track the details of deals won, lost, and in progress. You can also track sales reps’ performance to identify the best and worst performers.

Sales pipeline management view in HubSpot Sales (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on an analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management software users in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about HubSpot Sales and things they think could be improved.

What users like:

  • HubSpot learning academy improves learning. Users find the HubSpot learning academy really helpful, as it offers a short course on how to implement and use the tool.
  • Marketing integration improves sales. Users mention that the tool’s integration with HubSpot Marketing provides centralized information on sales and marketing activities on a unified platform. This helps them attract more leads, close more deals, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

What users think could be improved:

  • Contact management functions are lacking. Users would like to have a more feature-rich contact management interface, options to add multiple contacts in a sequence of emails, and the ability to merge contacts or companies to avoid duplicate entries.

Who should use HubSpot Sales?

Small businesses that are focused on aligning their sales management tool with both CRM and marketing activities should consider HubSpot Sales. It also works for individual consultants or small businesses that require simple reporting capabilities.

Pipedrive: Sales CRM with pipeline management and customized reporting

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM and pipeline management app for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). It aims to help SMBs automate and streamline the entire sales process.

Pipedrive categorizes deals based on the sales stage to prioritize high-impact deals. Use the statistics tool to apply relevant filters for analyzing the sales pipeline and for identifying the sales stage that you want to improve.

You can customize the sales pipeline by adding multiple sales stages, team members, and activities. Pipedrive’s drag-and-drop interface lets you add deals, contacts, or activities to the pipeline.

You can sync the scheduling functionality with Google Calendar to create and customize activities (e.g., a phone call, lunch, meeting, or email) and attach the event to specific deals, contacts, or organizations. You can also access Gmail tasks, and Pipedrive will send automatic alerts and reminders for activities that are due, overdue, or that have not been assigned.

The customized reporting feature provides visual insights into sales performance, opportunities, and other statistics, such as deal conversion rates, in the form of charts and tables. Apply custom filters to access other data such as the number of new deals added, the average age of deals, and the number of deals pending.

Pipedrive’s mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Sales reps can access customer details, contacts, and deals data; check their to-do lists and log phone calls; send emails; and add meetings from their smartphones or tablets.

Pipedrive sales pipeline management (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on the analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management software users in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about Pipedrive and things that they think could be improved.

What users like:

  • Pipeline management feature shows accurate deal stage. Reviewers like the pipeline management feature because it allows them to see the exact stage of each deal in the sales pipeline. They also mention that the “rotting” feature helps sales managers identify deals that have been lying stagnant for a long time.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Users feel that Pipedrive has a user-friendly interface and is easy to learn and use, even by a novice.

What users think could be improved:

  • Email integration feature needs improvement. Users would like to see seamless integration with third-party email services such as Gmail and Outlook. This would help them avoid challenges in tracking and syncing email communications with clients and leads.
  • Outlook Calendar needs automatic alerts feature. Users feel that Pipedrive should offer an automatic alerts option in Outlook Calendar similar to the one embedded in its activity calendar.

Who should use Pipedrive?

Pipedrive suits users who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy and want a simple-to-use-and-learn sales management tool that offers core sales management functionalities, such as pipeline management, sales reporting, and activity management.

It also suits small businesses and startups that need customizable sales management software, which can integrate with their existing sales and marketing technology stack.

Agile CRM: Sales enablement, marketing automation, customer service bundled into one CRM

Client status review alaska. Agile CRM is a CRM software suite that automates sales, marketing, and customer service tasks. It gives users a 360-degree view of contact data with details such as a chronological view of contact interactions, call notes, web activity, and social presence. Its contact timeline feature offers related information about the customer’s journey on a single page.

Agile CRM’s built-in calendar syncs with Google Calendar to notify users about upcoming meetings and appointments. It also lets you create events related to calls, meetings, sales demos, and more.

The tool’s deals management functionality lets you track deals, sales stages, and sales milestones. Its sales gamification functionality helps create friendly competition between salespeople to boost engagement and team morale. The feature allows you to compare each rep’s performance based on deals won, calls generated, revenue earned, and other metrics.

Agile CRM deals dashboard (Source)

Common user feedback trends

Based on the analysis of reviews on Capterra from sales management software users in sales roles, here’s a list of things users like about Agile CRM and things they think could be improved.

What users like:

  • Built-in landing page feature saves money. Reviewers find the built-in landing page builder and web forms helpful, since they don’t have to invest more to buy those software tools.
  • Useful customizations. Users like that they can customize Agile CRM based on the sales process and related business needs. Features such as a custom widget (which users can create in JavaScript or any back-end server language), custom fields (used to track extra contact details and map additional fields from web forms or CSV files), and custom code are very useful.

What users think could be improved:

  • Workflow needs to be more intuitive. Users want the workflow to be more intuitive so they can easily navigate and search for data.
  • Customer support staff should be more responsive. Users find the customer support team unresponsive and say support staff don’t offer resolutions to customer issues as quickly as they’d like.

Who should use Agile CRM?

The app is free for up to ten users, making it an attractive option for startups looking to manage their contacts and activities. You should consider Agile CRM if you are looking for a fully functional CRM that primarily offers marketing automation, sales enablement, deal reporting, and contact center features.

Next steps

Before you pick a tool that seems like the right one, we recommend signing up for a couple of demos with the sales management software vendors you like the most.

HubSpot Sales and Pipedrive offer free trials of about 14 to 30 days, while Agile CRM is free for up to ten users. You should also try free trials for other similar solutions in the market. The trial period offers valuable insider insight into the tool.

Capterra recommends that you evaluate between three and five systems as you research sales management software tools.

You can check out more sales management apps for sales teams on Capterra’s sales management software directory page. Read reviews and filter products by rating, features, and more.

Disclaimer: This content, which provides opinions and points of view expressed by users, does not represent the views of Capterra.


The solutions highlighted in this article are the sales management software systems that have the highest average overall user rating from sales professionals at the time of writing. For this article, we evaluated 98 sales management software systems and a total of approximately 3,000 user reviews on Capterra’s website.

Here’s an overview of our method for choosing this list of top-rated apps:

Inventory Management Software Mac

  • We analyzed reviews from sales-specific users and shortlisted those products that had 4+ out of five stars with a minimum of 20 user reviews.
  • From that list, we considered only those which are listed on Capterra.
  • The “common user feedback” sections include “what users like” and “user recommended improvements” for each product, based on feedback from users who left reviews.
  • The “who should consider this software” section is a summary of analysis conducted on the general comments from software users. This section highlights the most popular features of the software product and recommends who should consider buying that product and why.

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Enthusiasts know that Apple products are slick, quick, and easy-to-use machines. Apple device users–be it an iPhone, iPad, or iMac–have been described as cool and creative trendsetters.

Businesses aren’t any different. Many high-profile companies, like Facebook, Google, Cisco, and almost half of U.S. enterprise-level corporations have bought into Macs for their business.
So it makes sense that when companies are shopping for project management software, they’re specifically looking for project management software for Mac.

The Best Project Management Software for Mac

Googling Mac-specific project management software largely leads to lots of cloud-based options. While programs like Wrike, LiquidPlanner, and Teamwork are fantastic tools for Mac, many companies are looking for a locally installed option.

With that in mind, I dove into the top five project management software for Mac to help buyers figure out what options are available.

While evaluating these tools, I looked for traits that Mac users tend to look for–intuitive design, mid-end pricing, and the “coolness” factor found in Mac’s brand in the form of easy functionality.

These Mac project management software options are arranged alphabetically.


If your small business is looking to find an all-in-one customer relationship management software and project management tool that’s designed for Apple products, check out Daylite. The software has almost 50 reviews on Capterra with a solid 4.5/5 rating, and users praising its “tight integration with Apple hardware and software.”

The UI should feel familiar to anyone who’s worked within Apple’s ecosystem—Daylite’s look and feel is similar to tools like iCal and Keynote and is similarly intuitive to use. Project managers can use Daylite to link all of their important project pieces together—from notes to tasks to emails to contacts. The result is a light project management software (or heavy task manager) ideal for client-focused small businesses.

Notable features

  • All related activities can be grouped together into projects, which Daylite automatically tracks and logs.
  • Customizable enough to create your own pipelines and approval processes for new projects.
  • Works on iOS, so you’re not tethered to your MacBook or iMac to use the tool effectively.

Price: $29/user/month

(Used Daylite? Share your thoughts with a review!)

FastTrack Schedule 10.2

FastTrack Schedule 10.2 knows its user base. Its whole interface is intuitive–one reviewer from Macworld said it best:

[FastTrack Schedule 10] sports the familiar Mac look and feel with easy-to-identify icons for layouts, filters, sorting, and more— all with a text label that matches what you see in iPhoto, et al.

In other words, if you’re used to working with Mac software like Keynote or Safari, FastTrack Schedule 10 will be easy to pick up.

Notable features:

  • New project managers can jump right in with the program’s 30+ templates, which rely on a simple drag-and-drop UI.
  • Project managers can see who on their team is working on what part of the project and when they’re doing so. Project managers can use these features to make sure they don’t overload their team members.
  • Want to see the big picture? FastTrack Schedule 10 has a “master schedule” where users can see how all projects line up. This feature is great for bigger companies who want to invest in enterprise project management software.

Price: $349

(Used FastTrack Schedule? Share your thoughts with a review!)


One reviewer notes that iTaskX is ridiculously simple to use, saying that the software is, “easy to learn, has an intuitive interface, and it’s easy to work [sic] even when you have never touched itaskX before.

iTaskX’s program is nicely laid out and simple to use. Its biggest claim to notoriety is that it fully integrates with Microsoft Project, the most popular project management software by a landslide. iTaskX lets users open Microsoft Project files and easily exchange information using XML and MPX files.
iTask is based around Waterfall project management–it runs off Gantt charts, tasks, and resources, and organizes all of these bits of information into simple graphics.

Notable features:

  • iTaskX is robust enough to manage enterprise-level project management as it stays updated with everyone on the system.
  • The project management software offers over 60 different calculators based off task fields, including slack time, cost accruals, and effort-driven scheduling.
  • iTaskX also offers full customizability for layout and design. Project managers can adjust the aesthetics on all their projects, from custom fonts to custom layouts. And for those of us who are a little less creative, iTask comes with plenty of templates as well.

Price: $140

(Used iTaskX? Share your thoughts with a review!)

Stage Management Software For Mac

Stage Management Software For Mac Small Business

Merlin Project 4

I couldn’t write this review without taking note of one of the most popular project management software options for Mac: Merlin Project.

The first thing that jumps out about Merlin is how intuitive it is. Don’t get me wrong, Merlin may have the most features available on this list, but the developers are careful to present the system’s options in an intuitive layout.

Instead of a jumble of menus and folders, Merlin takes all of its features and displays them simply. TechRadar explains,

Theatre Stage Management Software

Everything happens in one big window that’s divided up into a main panel plus one or more smaller ones that change according to the aspect you’re currently working on.

There are four principal views for the main panel…. Gantt chart with critical paths displayed as bold lines, a network diagram using the Activity on Node format, a list of resources involved in the project, and a time-based display of resource utilisation[.]

The smaller panels are where you’d enter detailed information on selected tasks, resources and so on.

All of that is to say that Merlin makes project planning simple, even when the project manager is relying on a ton of tools to do so.

Notable features:

  • Merlin can double as a document management system, as users can upload files straight to tasks.
  • The system offers instant reporting, including the ability to create entirely custom reports.
  • Gorgeous Gantt charts and simple-to-use interface.

Price: $349

(Used Merlin Project? Share your thoughts with a review!)

OmniPlan 3

Now this is a gorgeous project management software option for Mac.

Stage Management Software For Mac Reviews

OmniPlan is one of the most visually appealing project management applications out there, regardless of platform.

Construction Management Software Mac

Simply drag and drop team members into tasks, set the task’s estimated time for completion, and voila! OmniPlan pumps out a beautiful Gantt chart.

Need to adjust a task because you have team members who have limited availability or because one task took longer than expected? No problem. Again, just drag and drop, and the program will fix estimates for you.

Notable features:

  • OmniPlan has incredible filtering options. Project managers can narrow down their task lists by date, resource, effort, priority, dependency claims, and more, so they don’t get overwhelmed by all the information presented in the master Gantt chart.
  • OmniPlan also offers Violation Resolution, which means that if something doesn’t look right to the program’s estimates, the software flag the task for the project manager’s review.
  • The system is entirely compatible with Microsoft Project.

Price: $149.99

(Used OmniPlan 3? Share your thoughts with a review!)


There are lots of other great project management systems for Mac out there, including xPlan and AltiProject. My bet is that more will emerge as Apple takes over the market for business computers.

I’m interested in your thoughts on these project management software selections. Have you used any of them? Was there a software worth reviewing that I missed (review it on the main Capterra site too!)? Please jot down your thoughts in the comments below–I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Stage Management Software For Mac Windows 10

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